Face Toner

$ 26.00

Toner is known to help balance pH of skin after cleansing, and can be used as a skin refresher throughout the day. This skin tonic is slightly astringent in nature, which can help to tighten pores and to remove any build-up on the skin. Aromatic floral distillate and essential oils are used along with aloe vera and glycerin to provide calming and refreshing properties to the skin.

Apply to cotton ball and gently apply to face, avoiding eyes. This is best used after cleansing, or as an uplifting refresher throughout the day.
Toner will remove any impurities built up on the skin, even after cleansing.

SHAKE BEFORE USE. Due to the all natural nature of this product, we do not use emulsifiers; natural separation may occur.

Rose water, witch hazel, aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, Melaleuca (tea tree) oil, Lavandula (lavender) oil

This Toner is best if followed by our Face Serum.


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This listing is for an 4oz glass bottle of toner.

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