Bergamot Rose Perfume Oil

$ 18.00

Always Mineral perfume oil is handcrafted and formulated with concentrated fragrant blends of 100% pure essential oils, in a natural base of Jojoba oil, containing absolutely no fillers. Jojoba oil has similar properties to the skin's natural sebum and is quickly absorbed. The essential oils are left on the skin to provide a lingering aroma of the fragrant blend.

-BERGAMOT ROSE: Bright and uplifting Citrus and Floral tones.

Perfume oils are directly applied to the skin, which allows the scent to be worn closer to the skin for a more subtle scent, and are a great natural alternative to commercial perfumes and alcohol-based fragrances.

All of our perfume oils (and all other products) are Phthalate Free. Phthalates are known hormone disruptors, which, unless otherwise noted, are often in the fragrances listed in commercial and natural perfumes alike. Fragrance oils are often used for perfumery. Only natural plant and flower essences (essential oils) are used to scent our perfume oils. Never chemical fragrances or fragrance blends.

Jojoba oil, Bergamot essential oil, Pink Grapefruit essential oil, Lemon essential oil, Orange essential oil, organic Rose Geranium essential oil.

Roll applicator onto pulse points, or anywhere fragrance is desired.

Caution: Avoid eyes. Do not ingest.


-PATCHOULI SAGE: Deep earthy aroma, with woody, herbaceous, and peppery tones

-CEDARWOOD LAVENDER: Rich woodsy scent with sweet and soothing undertones


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This listing is for a .35oz (10ml) Bergamot Rose perfume oil, packed in a glass bottle with roller applicator.

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