Why are your products made in small batches?
All of our products are made from scratch, by hand. Since we are such a small company, without the production facilities of the big guys (machinery and huge production lines), we take our time to create each and every batch to the highest quality we can. Working in small batches ensures quality and freshness.  With our products being as fresh as possible at the time your order is shipped to you, we believe small batch is the only way skincare should be.

Do you test your products or ingredients on animals?
Never!  We do not test our products or any ingredient on animals.  Always Mineral products are tested on willing humans only.

Are your products nut free?
Not all of them.  We use Almond oil and Argan oil in many products- please read the full list of ingredients for each product on the individual product pages before making a purchase. It’s also important to note, all products are made on the same premises (kitchen, surface areas, etc).  Due to the nature of this, we cannot guarantee non-cross contamination.  However, we do our best and ensure we wipe/wash/sterilize everything in between batches.

If you have any allergies or sensitivities, please consult a doctor regarding the use of any ingredients you are unsure about, and perform a small skin test prior to full use.

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